Dr. C. K. Thornhill
(1917 - 2007)

Dr. Charles Kenneth Thornhill was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire and read Mathematics at Oxford before the Second World War, with a special interest in Differential and Riemannian Geometry. Since 1939 he has been singularly uninterested in non-ether theories of non-Newtonian relativity.

During the War and in subsequent years, Dr. Thornhill worked in a variety of fields with a bias towards unsteady gasdynamics. These included external, internal, intermediate and terminal ballistics; heat transfer and erosion in gun-barrels; gasdynamics and effects of explosions; theories of damage; detonation and combustion; thermodynamics of solids and liquids under extreme conditions, etc.

After his retirement from the Ministry of Defence in 1977, Dr. Thornhill's main interests were in the physical properties of the ether and the construction of a non-singular ethereal cosmology.

Dr Thornhill's papers:

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The kinetic theory of electromagnetic radiation

The triality of electromagnetic-condensational waves in a gas-like ether

Real and apparent invariants in the transformation of the equations governing wave-motion in the general flow of a general fluid

Real or imaginary space-time? Reality or relativity?

The refraction of light in stationary and moving refractive media

A non-singular ethereal cosmology

The foundations of relativity

Stellar aberration

Universal physics


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